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Gina: Back Pain Relief

After years of suffering from back and hip pain, and being unable to sleep due to the pain... I tried CBD. Now I sleep like a baby! PLUS I am no longer taking any  additional medications for pain! 


Ken: Less Stress

I have a very stressful job like we all do. After taking the oil for several weeks, I noticed at a time that would normally be very stressful to me, I felt much less stress than normal. After thinking of everything it could have been, I came to the conclusion that it was the CBD Oil. The stress reduction for me continues with the oil.


Tammie: Migraines & RLS GONE! 

I used to suffer from Migraines lasting 3 days each time. One day I realized the "Absence Of" thanks to CBD! I ran out and Migraines returned. I won't do that again! Oh, and NO more RLS! 


Bob: 88 yr old ex-athlete

I am 88 and can hardly walk across the room due to bone on bone pain. Once applied, I can walk with minimal pain! I had two friends try it on their hand for arthritis and within minutes, pain free!

Megan mom

CBD Oil for RLS?

YES!! I didn't realize how painful and life disrupting RLS is!! In the past few weeks, my mom has been taking CBD Oil daily for RLS and applying it topically before bed. RLS pain...just about gone completely!


Dana: Relief from Leg & Ankle Pain AND Migraines!

It’s not always too good to be true!  Thankfully, after sustaining an injury to my leg and ankle I found CBD oil. I have been almost pain free ever since starting!

PLUS my migraines are GONE! I never want to be without my CBD Oil!

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