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Jodi L. Thannum, DVM on CBD for animals! 

Jodi L Thannum DVM

I have been using CBD oil for over a year. HEMPWORX is a wonderful product for myself and my patients. As a veterinarian,  I suggest it for patients with separation anxiety, pain, seizures, and cancer.

I 100% believe in and endorse HEMPWORX CBD Oil and Treats for my pets and my patients.

Jodi L. Thannum DVM

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My shih-tzu, Fendi, suffers from a bulging disc and if he turns the wrong way or jumps wrong, it can throw him into spasms and great pain for weeks. The last time it happened, our vet gave us muscle relaxers and pain pills, but all it did was help him sleep. Still in pain. A few weeks later, we learned about the CBD oil and decided to try it. First off, Fendi loved it! (We call it bacon oil & he comes running for it!) After just a couple of days, he was moving around a bit more and within a week, he was acting like a puppy again! He's been on the oil now, consistently, for about 4 months and is doing so well! I brought up the subject to my new vet and he said "oh yeah, we prescribe it all the time!" Well, now that we know about it, it's a mainstay in our fur-baby's diet!

Megan Dog

Lucky Loves his CBD!

 We rescued our dog Lucky almost a year ago. He had been a stray and must have been abused because he feared everyone, noises, etc. After several months of training and him realizing he was loved and safe, he still shook all the time at any noise or strange person. When we started giving him CBD Oil daily. He would not shake and was more relaxed. He still has his moments of fear but with the daily dose of CBD Oil he is a different dog!!! I highly recommend this treatment for anxious dogs. Lucky LOVES his CBD!

Billy and Bronte

Billy and Bronte: Thank you for the CBD Oil!

As Billy has aged his arthritis from previous abuses  has caused him a lot of pain. I’ve had him on pain meds just so he can move. I gave him his first dose and he relaxed and slept. His nerves are also calmer.   My baby Bronte gets car sick, so I gave her some drops 2 hours before our car ride and she made  the drive without throwing up! Thank you!


Goldie: I Love my CBD Oil...So does my Vet!

Thanks to my mom giving me CBD oil & treats for dogs, at 11 my joints are young and I now sleep through storms!


George LOVES his CBD treats!

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